🎹Making Music with Arpeggi

How do I make a song on Arpeggi?

Making a song on Arpeggi is easy. Creators with experience in traditional DAWs (e.g., Ableton, Pro Tools, FL Studio) can jump into our studio at https://www.arpeggi.io/studio. Start composing right away by dragging in samples and using stems. When finished, press Mint in the top right, and voila! An NFT of your song will appear in your wallet! Don’t have experience using DAWs? We’ve specifically designed Arpeggi studio to be easy to use for first time musicians. Don’t be afraid to open up the studio and get cooking, but to help you get started, we have a community of creators on standby waiting to help. Join here!

What sounds can I use to make songs on Arpeggi?

Any sound on Arpeggi is available for use! Look for the “+ in Studio” button to open sounds directly in the DAW or navigate to the sample and stem library in the DAW itself to begin creating.

Where can I find sounds to use to make a song?

We’ve put sounds everywhere to inspire new creations. The explore page is the go-to place library for finding music on Arpeggi, but you can click into any song, stem, or sound and begin remixing."

Where do sounds on Arpeggi come from?

All sounds in Arpeggi are sourced from you, our amazing community of musicians! Sounds on Arpeggi are all sounds that have been registered in Arpeggi’s Audio Registry Protocol (ARP). Sounds and songs on Arpeggi can come from a few places:

Can I use my own Sounds on Arpeggi?

Yes! Upload your own Sounds and mint them on Arpeggi to use in your own work and allow others to use them as well—while guaranteeing you credit. To maximize the remix potential of your Sounds, it's best to separate components (drum kicks, vocals, bass lines, etc) rather than uploading flattened audio.

When I make a song on Arpeggi, what do I get?

Congratulations! You’ve made your first song on Arpeggi. But what happens when you press mint?

  1. You’ll receive a token of your song—the entire composition! This allows anyone to see the DNA of your song (samples, stems, collaborators) and freely use your song for sampling or remixing.

  2. For each custom instrument track, you’ll receive a token as well.

  3. If you’ve remixed another artist’s stem, you won’t receive a new token, but that artist will get attribution.

Navigate to your profile to view your minted songs, stems, and samples.

What rights do I have when I make a song on Arpeggi?

All sounds—samples, and created stems and songs—on Arpeggi are currently released as CC0 to ensure there are no legal barriers to collaboration and using other’s work. In exchange, Arpeggi enforces attribution to ensure referenced artists receive the credit they deserve.

For more information, users can read our Music Contributor Agreement and our Terms of Service.

If a song that uses my sample is sold, do I get paid?

Unlike other sample sharing platforms, Arpeggi guarantees attribution and credit whenever your samples are used. This technology allows for all sorts of unlocks, including tracking analytics for how many times your sample has been played and funneling royalties to contributors. Arpeggi does not yet support a royalty system, but it is on the development roadmap.

Where can I see my Arpeggi tokens?

The easiest way to view your Arpeggi tokens is to navigate to your profile by clicking your profile icon in the top right corner on the website.

Users can also view their tokens in their wallet by visiting their profile pages on common marketplaces like OpenSea or LooksRare or by browsing their wallet contents on PolygonScan.

How do I edit my profile?

  1. Go to your profile by clicking your profile icon in the top right corner.

  2. Click “Edit” next to your name under your profile image in the top left of the screen.

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